Ms. Robin

Ms. Robin has been an active pro-domme/lifestyle Mistress for 15 years, beginning her career by traveling around the country for 5 years and received training from many of the most prominent BDSM Educators in all types of fetishes. Ms. Robin continues to attend various educational fetish events each year and receive instruction on the latest techniques and gain additional ideas and inspiration for her clients future sessions.

Relish the opportunity to hand yourself over to a truly superior FemDom Goddess for sensuously seductive slave training & behavior modification. I delight in psychologically overtaking my slaves and controlling their deepest desires. I will use your arousal to ensnare and control you. With my inquisitive and mischievous nature and glowing smile, I will effortlessly mold you into the perfect plaything for my entertainment & pleasure! Or if you prefer I can emasculate you, the beta-male, for fun. Although I am "sweet" looking, you will quickly learn that this is not the case. Controlling, abusing, & using men for my pleasure was something I have never been shy about. I believe submission is a beautiful gift; I will push your limits & you'll thank Me.  My dominant side is a lovely mixture of sweet and sadistic. I possess a sharp tongue, twinkling  eyes, a mischievous grin and I can fill a room with  laughter. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a man surrendering to my will. In my house full of costumes and toys, the possibilities are endless.

I am true believer of Female Dominance.

I  love to push limits. I combine my seductive nature with my deviant mind & get right in your system. I'll guide you in MY world of BDSM.

Every experience is unique & crafted to help you explore & understand the levels of power exchange that can be achieved through kink.

In my presence you will do as you’re told as I will guide you down a healthier path in exploring your kinks. I am that unique woman who can and will bring any safe and legal scenario to life.

I am a lifestyle Dominatrix who with my friends, who can assist in sessions when requested (both female and male), enjoy fetish and fantasy play in our personal lives. We like the same kind of exciting things you've been curious about - you know, B&D, S&M, Spankings, Nurse Play, Chastity Play, Tease and Denial Scenarios,  Dress-up and Role-playing of all kinds, Bondage and Suspension scenes.

I enjoy photography, video - anything that's safe, consensual, and legal! Because I'd rather play for a living, I offer professional sessions: I have a pleasant, discreet, well-equipped private home in West Des Moines, Iowa - a playground where all sorts of crazy things are just good, clean fun.
As an artist I can find creative ways to turn your body into my canvas and your desires into impromptu plays that fulfill dreams. I am experienced in many forms of sensory/impact play. I love rope bondage and electrical toys.  Play can range from extreme verbal humiliation and heavy caning to a light hearted tickle session where I delicately wrap you in my silky ropes. I can dance between “edgy” and erotic with style and grace. Let me dress you up in lingerie, tie you down and tease you mercilessly. My absolute favorite is sissy/slut training. Did I mention having a sharp tongue? My wit is quick and my mind is filthy. I bet I can make you blush.

Playing with other ladies is always a pleasure. I recommend booking a double session with myself and one of the other lovely dommes or switches that I can arrange to join in your session. And if you want a male or TG to join the session that is available on a limited basis.

When it comes to ideal clients, my preferences range greatly. Whether you are young, elderly, short, tall, thin or thick, all I require is a good attitude and respect. I like to maintain a sense of humanity even if I am objectifying you.

I love roleplay, but reading scripts isn’t my style. When I play, my personality shines through and I enjoy fluidity and flexibility. Intuition and communication are important to a fulfilling experience. I love a playmate who knows what he wants (or trusts me guide him) in kink, with clear communication throughout.

Behavior modification is another favorite for me. Need to get in shape, rid yourself of a bad habit, earn a reward for good behavior? I can be your personal trainer and whip you into shape. Allow me to embody a drill sergeant, strict headmistress and sexy muse all in one.
Now then, about my style:Upon meeting me, your first impression may be that I’m calm, sweet, and tame. While I certainly am calm, I’m FAR from sweet and tame. I like to begin with dominating your mind; not just domme it, but also own it, and unhinge it. I love to stir the senses, create the proper atmosphere, and tap into your deepest passions.

I absolutely love administering spankings/lashings of all sorts; my very favorite tool being an old fashioned wooden paddle, but I also love canes, whips, and floggers as well. I also love blindfolding and binding to create a pleasantly uneasy tension that’s quite delightful to have when training a slave, student, sissy, etc. Are you in search of a mommy? I indeed have my tender side as a Mommy Dommie; nurturing and protective, yet strict for my baby boy or girl.
Are you looking to bring out the girl within? I’m very much the mistress for you, as I have a great deal of experience dolling up sissies and crossdressers.  Now perhaps you fancy a checkup by the nurse? Ah, how I do enjoy giving thorough examinations to my patients, for their health of course.

A few limits for me: I will not submit to anyone.  I do not do any sort of scat play, or any adult baby/diaper play that involves scat. While I do have a sharp tongue and love dominating with my words, I very much draw the line at anything resembling hate speech, both from me and from you; this includes anything racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.

If there’s anything I’ve not mentioned, ask me about it; lay it all out and we’ll see how we can make it happen. At the end of the day, I want to fulfill your fantasy and unleash your passion. I am here to make your dreams into reality; all I ask is for you to respect me, my boundaries, and my community. With all that being said, I can’t wait to be your Mistress!

Since I was six years old, I tied up my dolls and teddy bears, and also tied myself up, with rope, belts, and chains, early evidence of my BDSM fantasies.  I practice open-mindedness and being non-judgmental in my daily life. I like role-playing, so tell me about your favorite scenes, whether elaborately detailed or a starting point for improvisation. I always look forward to getting dolled-up; please let me know in advance what you would like me to wear. Do you want me to be a school Mistress?  Nurse?  Leather Dominatrix?  Maybe you’d like me help you explore your feminine side, like we are friends or roomies in a dorm. Or maybe you prefer that I force you into it and make you learn to love it. I also love playing with other girls, and couples as well.

I can do sessions in various forms from strict to nurturing. I can be very demanding; I enjoy intense scenes; I love to inflict pain on a willing recipient, but I am not emotionally cruel. I’m a compassionate sadist. I like to hurt people who enjoy pain, and I like to hurt people who want to undergo pain for the sake of pleasing me; I love to see you writhe and moan but I never, ever want to harm or do damage to my submissive.

I enjoy a variety of roleplay scenes. I’m especially fond of authority figure roles like Mommy or Auntie, (and sometimes even Daddy), Doctor or Nurse, Schoolteacher, Professor, Governess, (Very) Personal Trainer, Equestrienne, Dominant Boss, or Empress of the Known Universe.
All of the roles I play are facets of my personality, so whoever I am being, I'm always real. I love roleplay that invites me to get inside your head, but many of my favorite scenes are played out simply between Ma’am and her submissive.

My favorite sessions are with friendly, articulate clients, both those experienced players who know and can express what really makes S/M work for them, and those novices who are willing to let me help them explore.

I play very happily with both men and women, as individuals or as couples. I am always thrilled to see female clients. I love heavy masochists and I love people who give me the gift of their submission.

I am honest, flexible, and clear with both my pre-scene negotiation and my communication in scene, and I ask you to do your best to give me the same.

I LOVE to have my feet massaged, kissed, & licked. I fantasize of running around outside and putting my dirty feet onto a submissive boy’s face, stomping around a naughty boy’s body, and having my little paws cleaned by a meticulous slave. Who's the best at worshiping pretty little toes?

Now, my biggest fantasy is watching you scream, laugh, and cry while I run my fiendish little digits into your armpits, down your legs, around your hips, and wherever else will make you beg for mercy. I have a HUGE TICKLE FETISH! It really excites me to see you struggle and yet have to submit to me.

Humiliation; would you like me to be extreme, cruel, and mercilessly degrading? Or perhaps a bit more playful as I taunt and tease you. I especially enjoy small penis humiliation!

Corporal Punishment; Do you enjoy a hard thud? Or perhaps more of a sharp sting?! I have a vast array of implements that I am well versed in. This of course allows me to deliver soft sensations, or devastating blows in all the right areas.

Role Play; from probing nurse and patient to Overbearing boss and employee, the more creative the better. I especially enjoy disciplinarian types of scenes.

Sensory play, trampling, nipple torture, cock and ball torture, face slapping, spitting, forced consumption, smothering, tease and denial, cuckolding roleplay, orgasm ruination, electricity play,  tease and denial, consensual non consent (a personal favorite), sounding, tickling, forced sissification! Of course if you have something in mind that I haven't mentioned feel free to contact me, after all if I listed everything I enjoy in detail this would be at least four times as long!

If you are interested in booking with me, please contact me through my contact page  or send an email ( with “Session Request” in the subject line)  introducing yourself and let me know your interests. I am quite busy at times and it may take longer than a day or two for me to respond. Please be patient as I'm well worth it. I do not discriminate based on age, gender, or race. Remember, that although a charismatic woman like me can seem quite intimidating, I urge you not to be shy. After all, how many times have you wondered about an un-conforming beauty like me? Let yourself fall into my clutches, I will turn your world upside down.

Please note that while I do enjoy playing quite nasty at times, I am always respectful of limits and boundaries. Trust and proper communication allow us to make the most of our time together. I look forward to meeting you.

Ms. Robin