Session Information

Scheduling a Session:

Sessions will take place at my private home in West Des Moines, Iowa. A minimum of 1 day advance notice is generally required to schedule a session. Please use my "Contact Me" page to begin the arrangement process for a session. Or you can email me directly at with "Session Request" in the subject line.

Expectations & Limits of ANY session:

I offer a D/s power exchange in My sessions. Pro-Dommes are NOT prostitutes. The practice of BDSM isn't prostitution and the offer of sexual services are neither implied nor offered.

There will be:

~ NO nudity on my part ~
~ NO sex or other illegal activity --
~ At least 1 day advance notice is required to schedule a session ~
~ Please be descriptive of what you are looking for when contacting me and I will reply back as soon as possible .

Protocol for ALL SESSIONS:

Be discreet.

 Be clean, rested, well hydrated, fed & refreshed before your session.

I expect you to place My tribute in an unsealed envelope and hand it to me within 10 minutes of meeting each other. At a public venue, greet Me casually with a gift bag containing My tribute inside the folds of tissue paper. Once tribute has been given there is no refunds if you decide not to proceed.

It is understood that My time is valuable & not to be exceeded without appropriate tribute.

 Prior to starting the session, we will take a few minutes to sit & talk. I expect you to advise Me of any health issues, physical limitations you may have & so forth. The more I know about your "likes" or "dislikes", the better the session will be. If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to ask.

Safewords: Green  means "more please". Yellow  means "slow down" or "stop doing that" without stopping the scene. Red  means "stop the scene".

Do not attempt to "top from the bottom" or manipulate Me in any way once the session has begun except through use of the safe words. Anything else breaks the momentum or flow of the scene and can leave both of us disappointed. 

Be courteous, respectful, honest & obedient at all times. 

Session Rates:

Anyone who truly understands quality over quantity are not looking for discounts, but rather an outstanding experience. My rates are a reflection of the superior level of Domination you can expect, and as such, are NOT negotiable.

15 mins - $75

30 mins - $125

45 mins - $165

1 hour - $200

1.5 hour - $300

2 hours - $375

3 hours - $550

4 hours - $700

Dinner Companionship (maximum 3 hours)- $500

Dinner Companionship with 1 hour domination session (maximum 3.5 hours)- $1000

Heavy Caning (breaking skin) - $7 per stroke

Heavy Session Fee  +$75/hr with $75 minimum

Double Session (Two Ladies)

30 min - $200

45 min - $275

1 hour - $350

2 hours - $600

3 hours - $850

4 hours - $1100

Please contact Me regarding extended or overnight sessions.

Legal Notice:

Professional Dominas are not prostitutes. The Practice of BDSM or sensual sadism isn't prostitution. Sexual services are neither implied nor offered here. If a prostitute is what you desire, please do not contact Me.  If you do choose to contact me, it is understood that:

you do so as an adult over 21 years of age;

you are responsible for your own actions;

you have read and agree to My rules and,

 you're doing so free willingly.

We play safe, sane and consensual. Extensive sanitary measures are always taken.